played by Caitlin Geier

Whip-smart, brazen, stubborn, agile, gifted. Talented thief, competent swordswoman, insolent and possibly dealing with overconfidence issues.


played by Ivan Borntrager

Mind-expanding, experimental, infamous, barefoot wizard. A true pioneer in mind-bending power, some say he's mentally cracked but really he just harbors a predilection for hallucinogens.


played by Nicholas Givanio

Happy-go-lucky, courageous, daring, deceptively strong and sometimes brutal warrior. Ever since taking one of Ivan Strang's misfires straight to the head, his pain tolerance has been inhumanly high.


played by Holiday Kinard

Beautiful, cold, luminous sorceress. Ambitious in her quest to harness the powers of the darker shadows, she exhibits at times a certain lack of compassion that can make her seem pretentious. She is currently on a quest to piss her mother off, conform her ex-boyfriend into the man of her dreams and find a higher dimension from which to control the denizens of Hell.


played by Jason Wilson and Melanie Morales

Tempered, tenacious, vicious mercenaries. Veterans of several military actions, wars in far-flung regions, the brother and sister Magnus and Rhosyn are known for their excessive taverning and ruffian lifestyle. They are currently on a quest to make more money than they can count, which is both substantial and potentially the key to happiness.

Freelancers The Series Ava The MarchionessAVA THE MARCHIONESS

played by Ava Brunini

Rags-to-riches through military prowess, tactician, commander, dragon-slayer.  Fast growing disillusioned with the every day grind, she is beginning to search for higher meanings.


played by Mayra Rodriguez

Assassin, attitude, addict, seer of ghosts, quiet death from the shadows.  She uses money and the next high to put distance between herself and the past she doesn't want to remember.

KAEL THE KILLERFreelancers The Series Kael The Killer

played by Jared Moore

Driven, deceived, displaced, this man who is no longer a man.  He has shed his humanity and freedom to buy both for another.


played by Marcus Natividad

A serial killer for god, wielder of Joseph's Hammer.


Freelancers Character VerlindenVERLINDEN

played by Jeff Doba

Deus ex-machina.

Freelancers Character SaoirseSAOIRSE

played by Jody Mortara

Bold, brutal, wicked, wealthy and ruthless.  Became a veritable captain of industry when she inherited her husband's great swath of businesses following his bout with lycanthropy.  Loves the notion that she can double her own wealth on her own terms - and *illegal* is just a word.

Freelancers Character Paul The SaintPAUL THE SAINT

played by Paul L Benton

Sociopath.  Seriously.

Freelancers Character Bradley The SoftBRADLEY THE SOFT

played by Bradley Greenwell

Happy-go-lucky murderer.

Freelancers Character AnastasiaTHE VISCOUNTESS ANASTASIA

played by Debradawn Shockey

Debutante. Willful. Scorned. She'll be back.


Coming Soon

Freelancers The Series Character Kilamanjaro the AlchemistKILAMANJARO THE ALCHEMIST

Played by CJ Johnson

Ambitious, intelligent, morally ... questionable.  Kilamanjaro strives to climb the social and political rungs of the magical society and is well aware of the back-stabbing, bribery, brute force and threats this ascension can require.  And he's totally down to play that game.


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