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Series Synopsis

Freelancers is set in a timeless realm full of magic and monsters, wizards and warriors, dungeons and ... dragons.  Inspired by classic literature, modern games and a wide array of cinematic influences, the show features fast-paced, action-packed storytelling, surreal visual effects, exciting combat sequences, romance, adventure and comedy.  There are no prophecies, no sagas and no one is saving the world - just flawed characters with extraordinary skillsets trying to make a living.  Even the powerful can be comedic while the lowest-level rogue can be as evil as the day is long.  Welcome to Freelancers, where every day is legendary!

Season One Synopsis

Two mercenaries stumble across a thief who has stolen an artifact from a powerful sorcerer.  The trio quickly find themselves on the run from, well, just about everyone.  Eager to turn her in for an extravagant reward, Nick the Bold (swashbuckling warrior) and Ivan Strang [sic] (constantly mind-expanding wizard), fend off their rival bounty hunters in order to keep Caitlin Marcks (rapier-wielding cat burglar) alive long enough to be able to collect on their “investment”.  Caitlin has her own opinions about that particular plan.  Complicating matters, Nick may be falling for his prisoner while Ivan may be falling (again) for his nemesis, his sorceress ex-girlfriend Kristian the Shadowbinder.  Nothing comes easy in the world of adventure, especially paying the bills!


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